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Your Gift Makes a Difference

When you support Kessler Foundation, you provide our scientists and grantmakers with critical resources to propel new research discoveries and fund innovative employment initiatives. As a result, adults and children with disabilities receive more effective rehabilitation and access to employment opportunities never before possible. 

Your support matters. You help people with disabilities of all ages live to the fullest.

Chris Tagatac in a wheelchair, using ekso with the support of a walker, and finally walking in the ekso alone

You Help Individuals with Paralysis with A Life-changing Treatment

Chris Tagatac, an active family man, business executive, and sports enthusiast, fell from his roof and sustained a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed. 

Thanks to your support of Kessler Foundation research, Chris has regained mobility using Ekso, a robotic, battery-powered exoskeleton that enables individuals with paralysis to stand and walk.

Pediatric traumatic brain injury TBI child with mother at physical therapy PT

A Brighter Future for Ariana

After Ariana sustained a traumatic brain injury at seven years old, she was unable to speak or control the right side of her body. After years of hard work and therapy, Ariana proved doctors wrong by regaining her speech and mobility.

Ariana joined Kessler Foundation’s pediatric research studies aimed at helping children with TBI learn new information, improve memory, interact with others, and use mindfulness to manage emotions and behavior. After practicing these skills and coming further than ever imagined, Ariana looks forward to walking in her high school graduation ceremony next to her twin sister.

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Your support helps children like Ariana regain function after injury or illness.

Meg Balter MS multiple sclerosis participant in research

For Meg, Life is Full, Despite Multiple Sclerosis

Meg Balter was diagnosed with MS nearly four decades ago when she was an active, young woman just beginning her career as a registered nurse. Today, Meg has a full and active life, despite the uncertainties of living with MS.

She owes this in part to participating in Kessler Foundation’s MS research, which focuses on finding ways to cope with cognitive problems associated with MS that affect problem solving, new learning, attention, memory and recognizing the emotions of others.

“Kessler Foundation’s research helps me—and others—enjoy life with my husband, our three sons and many friends,” says Meg.

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Help people like Meg live to the fullest.

veteran shane with his family and daughter is graduating

Staff Sergeant Shane Chadwell Finds Renewed Independence

Retired Marine Staff Sergeant Shane Chadwell can now support his wife and two children again thanks to a project funded by Kessler Foundation. Shane is an operations technician who services Pepsi fountain machines.

"Working in quality control is a big responsibility," Shane notes. "It's great to be a part of the team at PepsiCo. For me, this isn't just a job; this is my career."

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Your generosity supports veterans like Shane.

robert who had a stroke learned to drive again

On the Road Again...

After a massive stroke, Robert Vroeginday underwent months of treatment at Kessler Institute to regain the ability to perform every day activities. Most important to him was driving again, but a condition called spatial neglect, a disconnect between the brain and the senses, was preventing that.

Bob participated in Kessler Foundation's prism adaptation therapy, which enabled him to reinstate his driver's license, and regain his independence.

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Angela Smith, Person in red shirt walking next to cherry blossom tree, smiling at camera, cancer survivor

You Help Angela Beat Cancer-related Fatigue

Angela Smith, a senior research coordinator at Kessler Foundation, breast cancer survivor, and mother, joined a Kessler Foundation study to see if exercise training can help breast cancer survivors combat muscle fatigue and weakness. 

"What is exciting to me about this research," she says, "is the potential to help people who have undergone cancer treatment gain the positive effects of exercise just by thinking about working a muscle."

participant with tbi traumatic brain injury and his wife after recovery and bake to bike riding

TBI Survivor Bikes Across U.S.

Dan Mollino was an avid cyclist before his traumatic brain injury. He wasn’t expected to survive the trip to the emergency room, but he defied the odds and has been improving ever since.

Just five years after his injury, Dan realized a lifelong dream to ride across the U.S.—raising awareness about traumatic brain injury and raising funds for Kessler Foundation along the way.

“I think about my progress all the time—and what my life would be had donors like you not been there to support research at Kessler Foundation seeking new and effective therapies,” says Dan.

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Help individuals with TBI like Dan return to their passions.

veteran recipient of our grant funding

Newly Employed Vet Pays it Forward

Just hours before his home went into foreclosure, Michael Sanderson—a retired Marine with a disability—landed a job through a program funded by Kessler Foundation. Now, Mike thrives in his career, helping other veterans.

One of his proudest moments: convincing a company to hire 1,500 veterans, proving that a job for one has the power to improve the lives of many. “Through my work alone, Kessler Foundation and its donors are having a greater impact than they will ever know,” says Mike.

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Your support has the ability to help veterans like Mike.

participant who is wheelchair bound doing physical therapy intervention to walk again

Making Each Day Better

After David Carver sustained a spinal cord injury, he decided that he would strive to make each day better than the last.

Dave joined a Kessler Foundation research study and regained strength and dramatically improved his ability to walk.

The proof: Dave climbed the stairs to the second floor of his home—a place he hadn’t seen in more than two years. Now, Dave looks forward to continuing his journey to recovery.

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Assist people like Dave in regaining mobility.

kevin greene back to work after sustaining a brain injury

Kevin Greene Launches New Career

On his 22nd birthday, Kevin Greene sustained paralysis and brain injury from a car accident. Adapting to life in a wheelchair, he trained as a laboratory assistant at the JFK Vocational Rehabilitation Department, funded by Kessler Foundation.

Today, he is proud of his new career - with a good salary and benefits - at LabCorp.

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Your support helps people like Kevin reenter the workforce.


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