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Neuropsychology of Eye Movements Laboratory



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Silvana Lopes Da Costa, PhD
Laboratory Director

We use the eye tracker in two different ways: to research high-level cognitive operations and as a human-computer interface for cognitive testing independent of motor function.


Areas of Focus

Silvana Lopes Da Costa, PhD, directs the Neuropsychology of Eye Movements Laboratory, part of the Center for Neuropsychology and Neuroscience Research at Kessler Foundation. Using eye-tracking methodologies, the team researches cognitive impairments in neurological populations, with a focus on multiple sclerosis (MS), spinal cord injury (SCI), and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our most recent study examines eye movements as a biomarker of cognitive dysfunction in individuals with acute traumatic SCI with and without concomitant brain injury. Comparing test results of individuals with cognitive deficits and healthy controls helps the team understand what leads to poor performance, why certain individuals fail while others excel, and predict how much intervention someone may need.


Current Funding Support

Research is funded by New Jersey Commission on Spinal Cord Research.