Public Service Announcements

Kessler Foundation public service announcements are created to inspire and motivate Americans, while raising awareness about the organization’s rehabilitation research, which change the lives of people with disabilities. The PSA’s include appearances by actor Daryl "Chill" Mitchell, star of the hit series “ NCIS New Orleans,” and Paul Thacker, a former professional snowmobile athlete, both are paralyzed. Kessler PSA’s air on television stations across the United States, in Spanish and English. They help the community by providing insight about cognition and mobility research.

As Kessler Foundation’s President and Chief Executive Officer Rodger DeRose explains, “Viewers will be inspired to question their own perceived limits and Americans living with disabilities will be reminded that discoveries are being made every day to improve their quality of life.”


Watch the latest PSA about spatial neglect caused by stroke.


Watch all 13 PSAs created by Kessler Foundation.
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