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Be a Champion. Fundraise for Kessler Foundation.

Support Kessler Foundation wherever you are, at your own time, and turn your passion into positive change in the lives of people with disabilities.

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  • Fundraise for Kessler Foundation - Celebrate

    Celebrate Invite your friends and family to fundraise for Kessler Foundation in lieu of receiving gifts for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, or any special occasion!
  • Fundraise for Kessler Foundation - Get Active

    Get Active Do activities you love like running, biking, hiking, or swimming and support people with disabilities along the way.
  • Fundraise for Kessler Foundation - Honor

    Honor Create a fundraiser to honor someone you love or for an awareness month or day that matters to you.
  • Fundraise for Kessler Foundation - Be Creative

    Be Creative Got an idea of your own? Fundraise your way while changing lives for people with disabilities.


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With support from donors like you and your friends and family, Kessler Foundation funds groundbreaking rehabilitation research and innovative employment initiatives to provide access to job opportunities.

When you become a champion for people with disabilities, the impact is profound. People with paralysis stand and walk for the first time. Stroke survivors drive again. People with multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury improve their ability to learn and remember. Jobseekers with disabilities find satisfying employment and become self-sufficient.

What is Hope Worth?

Your support matters. Help people with disabilities live to the fullest.


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Featured Champions


Top Fundraisers


See what others are doing to change lives for people with disabilities.


  • Dan Mollino

    Dan Celebrates a Milestone To celebrate five years of recovery after his injury, Dan Mollino realized a lifelong dream to ride across the U.S.—raising awareness about traumatic brain injury and raising funds for Kessler Foundation along the way.

  • Margo Walter

    Margo Raises Hope to New Heights To raise awareness for Kessler Foundation’s multiple sclerosis rehabilitation research, Margo Walter climbed 19,341 feet to the top of Africa’s highest mountain—Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • Heather Varricchio

    Heather Races to Change Lives Heather Varricchio participated in her first-ever car race to support Kessler Foundation in memory of her brother, Lucien “Joe” Dube.
  • Isabella Sementilli

    Isabella Proves She is One Tough Cookie In overcoming her obstacles from sustaining a brain injury, Isabella Sementilli has found new passions—baking and fighting for anti-bullying and brain injury awareness. The cookies she bakes, which she has named Iznettes®, are sold at her dad’s restaurant, and she donates the proceeds to support causes she cares about, including Kessler Foundation.


Drive positive change for people with disabilities and show the world that abilities are what matter.

Give today.

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