Watch Dr. Chen and Dr. Boukrina on Lessons in Leadership

Kessler Foundation is proud to partner with Steve Adubato in Lessons in Leadership, a video podcast hosted by Steve and his co-host and executive producer, Mary Gamba.

In the latest episode, which aired this past Sunday on News12+, Steve and Mary continue their special series on “Research, Science, Innovation and Leadership” and Rodger DeRose, president and CEO of Kessler Foundation introduces Peii (Peggy) Chen, PhD, senior research scientist in the Center for Stroke Rehabilitation Research and intellectual property liaison and Olga Boukrina, PhD, senior research scientist in the Center for Stroke Rehabilitation Research at Kessler Foundation. You can watch this episode now by clicking here or listen on the podcast platforms below.


Graphic of Steve, Peggy, and Olga


In the coming months, more of these Lessons in Leadership episodes will be dedicated to Kessler Foundation and highlight areas of our research and how it has impacted the lives of people today. The leadership and support from friends like you advances our rehabilitation research and employment initiatives that help people with disabilities live to the fullest. For this, we thank you.

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