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Kessler Scientists in Germany to Expand Research

By Nicky Miller 

Seven Kessler Foundation scientists from the Center for Mobility and Rehabilitation Engineering Research are headed to Berlin, Germany this week for the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society’s 41ST International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, July 23-27. They will be presenting research posters, speaking at symposiums, and chairing two sessions.  

The theme this year is “Biomedical engineering ranging from wellness to intensive care.”

The seven scientists who are attending include:

Guang Yue, PhD, director

Gail Forrest, PhD, associate director

Ghaith Androwis, PhD, research scientist

Karen Nolan, PhD, senior research scientist

Kiran Karunakaran, PhD, chief postdoctoral fellow

Rakesh Pilkar, PhD, research scientist

Soha Saleh, research scientist

Presentations will include information on spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and multiple sclerosis.

Drs. Forrest, Nolan, Androwis, Karunakaran, and Saleh will be presenting at a symposium titled “Effect of Rehabilitation Robotics on Recovery and Related Mechanisms.”

During the symposium, investigators will discuss results for neural enhancement using tonic and joint specific neural modulation now being studied during rehabilitation robotic interventions. The overall focus of the symposium is to illustrate efficacy of using different powered robotics in rehabilitation for a cross section of different neurologically impaired populations.

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