Ghaith J. Androwis, PhD

Ghaith J. Androwis, PhD, is a senior research scientist in the Center for Mobility and Rehabilitation Engineering Research at Kessler Foundation. His appointments include clinical research scientist at Children’s Specialized Hospital, assistant research professor in the biomedical engineering department at New Jersey Institute of Technology, and assistant professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Dr. Androwis’s background is in biomedical engineering focused on rehabilitation engineering. He has two postdoctoral fellowships in wearable robotics, biomechanics, and rehabilitation engineering. At the Foundation, he concentrates on developing a deeper understanding of the usefulness of wearable robotic exoskeletons and orthotics in individuals with mobility disabilities (e.g., multiple sclerosis and upper extremity for individuals with spinal cord injury).

Wearable robotics and control
Rehabilitation robotics and therapy based on theories of neuroplasticity and motor control
Rapid fabrication and engineering design
Vestibular stimulation and non-invasive forms of reduction of spasticity and dystonia in persons with CP
Gait training and biomechanical evaluation
PhD - Biomedical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University
MS - Biomedical Engineering (Biomechanics), New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark NJ
BA - Biomedical Engineering (Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering), New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark NJ
Research Interests

Dr. Androwis’s research interest centers on research, development, and evaluation of wearable robotics. His goal is to improve rehabilitation and mobility in individuals with disabilities using cutting-edge technologies and innovations.


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