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My Life as a Research Assistant

Research assistants are on the front lines of Kessler Foundation's research studies, collecting data, conducting interviews, testing subjects, and most often are the first friendly faces research participants meet. 

In this podcast series, research assistants from the centers for mobility, spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and neuropsychology and neuroscience, will share their stories about life on the job at Kessler Foundation. In some instances, Kessler's research assistants have moved forward to expand their studies in the medical field and furthered their careers by applying their experience at other professions. 

In 2020, Kessler Foundation was ranked among one of the Best Nonprofits to Work For and Best Places to Work in New Jersey, listen to the stories from our staff who enjoy working at the Foundation, their dedication and hard-work help change the lives of people with disabilities. 

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Learn about our various studies, or contact [email protected] for more information. 

My Life as a Research Assistant Podcast Series:

  • ANdrea G
    Andrea Trotta-Gagliano, talks about her first look at traumatic brain injury research. View the full transcript.  

  • Steven Canton quote
    Stephen Canton, discusses improving the mobility of individuals with an SCI. View the full transcript

  • Emma Kaplan quoteEmma Kaplan on Seeing Real Rehabilitation Research. View the full transcript.


  • Graphic with written text and image of a man
    Christian Lucca on Balancing Research and Clinical Skills. View the transcript

  • Missing media item.Denise Vasquez on Participants are Everything. View the transcript.

  • Gabriel Felix quote and headshotGabriel Felix on Learning to Interact in a Clinical Setting. View the transcript.


  • Tiara Brown quote and headshotTiara Brown on Helping Inform the Public on Research Studies. View the transcript.

  • Silvio Lavrador quote and headshot

    Silvio Lavrador on Traumatic Brain Injury Data Collection at Kessler Foundation. View the transcript.

  • Salma Omai quote and headshotMichele Barry on the Importance of Recruiting Research Participants with and without Disabilities. View the transcript
  • Jonathan Augustine quote and headshotJonathan Augustine on Outcomes in Spinal Cord Injury Research. View the transcript.

  • Salma Omai on Meeting New Stroke Participants. View the transcript.