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A Strength-Based Intervention to Improve Job Interview Skills in Young Adults with Autism (KF-Stride)

Researchers are evaluating how effective a strength-based intervention is in improving job interview skills in young adults with autism who may have difficulty with job interviews or want to improve these skills. 

Actively Recruiting

During the first week, participants complete tests and questionnaires online and a mock job interview, which is recorded via Zoom (1-2.5 hours total). 

During weeks 2-7, participants are randomly assigned to 1 of 2 groups: Intervention group or Wait group. Participants assigned to the Intervention group engage in a strength-based intervention for 10 sessions, meeting once or twice a week through Zoom (1 hour each). Participants in the Wait group, continue with their regular activities until weeks 6-8, when both groups complete a 2nd mock job interview, recorded via Zoom.

Participants are contacted by study staff 6 months following the final intervention session, to answer questions regarding any changes to employment status. Some participants are selected to complete an interview about their experience in the intervention (1 hour) and will be provided additional compensation. 

Participants in the Wait group will receive all the intervention materials once the 6 month follow-up is completed. 

Inclusion Criteria
  • Participants must have a diagnosis of autism
  • reside in the USA
  • be 14-26 years of age
  • speak English fluently and at a 4th grade reading level. 
  • Interested in participating in this study? Complete this confidential survey and a research staff member will contact you.

Participants who complete the study receive $50 for their time. Those participating in the additional hour long interview receive an additional $10.  

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