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Prevention of Bone Loss in Persons with Subacute Spinal Cord Injury

The purpose of this study is to compare Romosozumab for 12 months followed by Denosumab for 12 months vs. 24 months of Denosumab in persons with spinal cord injury less than 6 months prior to enrollment.

Actively Recruiting

Participation lasts approximately 24 months including:

7 study visits total and visits for Romosozumab/Denosumab injections. Each study visit lasts 1-4.5 hours depending on the number of tests that need to be completed during those sessions. 

Romosozumab 14 study visits.

Denosumab 7 study visits.

Inclusion Criteria
  • Individuals who have been diagnosed with a motor-complete SCI C4-L2 (AIS grade A & B)
  • SCI occurred less than 6 months prior to enrollment 
  • Males and females (premenopausal) age 18-50 years

Participants who complete the study receive $550. 

Research Categories
Spinal Cord Injury
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