Motor Learning and Sleep in TBI

The purpose of this research is to learn how a 45 minute nap can help improve daily movement-related tasks in people who have had a traumatic brain injury.

The study will be completed in 3 parts. During the 1st part of the study, participants are instructed to complete a movement-related task (press buttons in a specific order) while in an MRI scanner. Next, participants are asked to move into another room and either take a nap while wearing a headband device which measures sleep activity, or watch an educational video. During the 3rd part of the study, participants will again complete a movement-related task while in the MRI. Each part lasts approximately 45 minutes. Participants then complete questionnaires and a pen and paper test. 

Actively Recruiting

Participation lasts approximately 3 hours. 

Inclusion Criteria
  • Individuals diagnosed with a moderate to severe TBI
  • Aged 18-65 years
  • At least 1 year post injury
  • A habitual napper (nap at least once per week) or able to fall asleep in a comfortable reclining chair in a dimly lit room
  • Right-handed
  • Speak English fluently. 

Participants who complete the study receive $100. 

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