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Lower Limb Pain Research

Researchers at Kessler Foundation explore potential treatments for lower limb pain to improve ankle and knee mechanics.


Shockwave Therapy for Knee Arthritis

Study examines the effectiveness of a treatment called extracorporeal shockwave therapy on decreasing pain for people with knee osteoarthritis. The shockwave device emits high-frequency sound waves, which interact with different tissues in your body and can provide healing effects.

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Using Robotic Exoskeleton to Examine Increased Mobility and Pain Relief in Knee Osteoarthritis

The purpose of this study is to learn how a knee exoskeleton may help to decrease pain and increase mobility for people with knee osteoarthritis (OA). The knee exoskeleton uses motors that are controlled by a computer to assist straightening and bending of the knee while walking.

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Ultrasound-guided Procedures in the Treatment of Meniscal Tears

The purpose of this research study is to determine the safety and effectiveness of two different treatments, micro-fragmented adipose tissue (MFAT) and saline injection, for the treatment of meniscal tears. Participants are randomly assigned to one of these two treatment groups. 

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