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Comparing Drug Treatments for Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity in SCI

The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness and safety of "Mirabegron" compared to "Oxybutynin IR" for a condition called neurogenic detrusor overactivity in individuals with SCI . Neurogenic detrusor overactivity is common in people with SCI and is a medical condition characterized by involuntary urinary bladder contractions. 

Actively Recruiting

Approximately 4 months, including 8 visits, with an additional follow-up visit at the end if needed. 

Inclusion Criteria
  • Individuals aged 18-70 years. 
  • Have limited mobility because of an SCI that occurred at least 12 months prior to the screening visit.
  • Level of injury is above T12.
  • Method of bladder management is intermittent catheterization or indwelling catheter. 
  • Have documented neurogenic detrusor overactivity, as determined by a study physician. 
  • Currently taking oxybutynin or have been told I should take oxybutynin. 

Up to $800 for completing the study. 

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