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Research Participants at Kessler Foundation

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Kessler Foundation’s annual impact reports highlight how generous donors like you champion rehabilitation research and employment for people with disabilities.

Research Participants at Kessler Foundation

You Change Lives

Kessler Foundation’s bi-annual newsletters highlight the impact of donors like you.

Impact Reports 

2019 Impact Report

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2017 Impact Report


Annual Reports

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Traumatic Brain Injury Newsletter

TBI News & Views Fall 2020

TBI News & Views Summer 2020

TBI News & Views Spring 2020 

TBI News & Views Fall 2019

TBI News & Views Summer 2019

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Spinal Cord Injury Newsletter


SCI Connections, 2017

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Research and You

Research and You (Spanish)

Neuropsychology and Neuroscience - Research and You

Traumatic Brain Injury/ Multiple Sclerosis - Research and You 

Multiple Sclerosis Study Insert 

Northern New Jersey Spinal Cord Injury System - Research and You

Northern New Jersey Spinal Cord Injury System - Emergency Preparation Card


Disability Employment Publications

Striving to work and overcoming barriers:Employment strategies and successes of people with disabilities

2015 Kessler Foundation National Employment and Disability Survey

Kessler Foundation Funded: Best Practice Examples to Increase Employment for People with Disabilities - Completed and Ongoing Examples

Strategies to Support Employer-Driven Initiatives to Recruit and Retain Employees with Disabilities

Creating a Pathway to a Better Financial Future: Developing State Strategies for Asset Development and Wealth Creation for People with Disabilities

Social Enterprise Businesses: A Strategy for Creating Good Jobs for People with Disabilities

A Call to Action: The 2010 Survey of Employment of Americans with Disabilities

The ADA 20 Years Later: The 2010 Survey of Americans With Disabilities


Special Research Publications 

Neurologic Disability: A Hidden Epidemic for India

Exploring virtual environments for cognitive and physical rehabilitation