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Volunteers with SCI needed for pain study

RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY for Persons with Pain After SCI: Kessler Foundation researchers are studying how well two different kinds of education programs reduce the extent to which chronic pain interferes with daily life and well being. If you have had SCI for at least 1 year and moderate to severe pain that has lasted at least 3 months, you may be eligible to participate. The study involves a physician visit, questionnaires, 4 weekly classes of 2 hours each at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, and homework assignments for 8 weeks. Participants may receive up to $200 compensation for their time. For more information, contact Ashleigh Quinn at (973) 324-3548 or and ask about the study titled “Education Interventions for Self-Management of Pain Post-SCI: A Pilot Study.” (Lead Investigator: Jeanne M. Zanca, PhD, MPT)

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 05/07/2015 - 11:39