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The Traumatic Brain Injury Research Laboratory at Kessler Research Center Launches TBIMS with support from NIDRR

November 8, 2007 As of October 1, 2007 Kessler Research Center and its collaborators under the banner of the Northern New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury System (NNJTBIS) began their 5 year designation as one of the 14 NIDRR funded TBIMS sites nationwide. Under Elie Elovic, M.D., project director and director of the TBI Lab at Kessler Research Center, The Northern New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury System is a partnership and collaboration between KMRREC, the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, UMDNJ University Hospital in Newark, Hackensack University Medical Center, Morristown Memorial Hospital, St. Josephs Medical Center in Paterson, various organizations advocating for persons with TBI, and members of the community of persons with TBI. The members of the NNJTBIS will work collaboratively to follow its mission: Provide comprehensive care, contribute information to a national data base regarding TBI acute care, rehabilitation and follow-up, disseminate research study results and other timely information regarding the rehabilitation of persons with TBI and collaborate with other centers on projects that address issues of importance to patients and their caregivers. In addition, under the direction of Dr. Nancy Chiaravalloti, Kessler Research Center will conduct a large double blinded placebo controlled trial to scientifically evaluate cognitive retraining in people who have sustained a TBI.