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Spatial Neglect Assessment: A Web-based Learning Opportunity

For the past year, at Kessler Foundation in West Orange, Dr. Peii Chen, research scientist, and Kimberly Hreha, stroke clinical research coordinator, felt as if they had changed their job titles!  An ambitious goal led to expanding their daily work tasks to include scriptwriting, interviewing professional videographers, casting patients, and learning to read off a teleprompter (just to name a few)! This effort was all toward developing a web-based video tutorial of the assessment process they developed called the Kessler Foundation Neglect Assessment Process (KF-NAP). You may be asking yourself…

Why: In 2012, occupational therapists and researchers worldwide started to email Dr. Chen, asking how they could be trained in the KF-NAP, even though the instructions were available in the published article (Chen, Hreha, Fortis, Goedert, & Barrett, Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, 2012). The Kessler team began hosting “live” training days. This approach, however, had limitations, especially for people living out of state or in another country. Thus, Dr. Chen led the effort to complete the KF-NAP 2015 Manual, which is available free for download (visit the web address below) and created a web-based video tutorial in order to provide more detailed instruction on the KF-NAP.

When was it ready: May 2015

How much is it: $129.99. There is no limit on how many times it is viewed.

Who can use the tutorial for training: Occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, research scientists, physicians, other health care professionals and students (under supervision).

What does the the web-based learning opportunity offer: There is a free introduction video on spatial neglect by Dr. A.M. Barrett, director of Stroke Rehabilitation Research. The main video (what you are paying for) includes an overview by Dr. Chen and then the detailed explanation of KF-NAP by Ms. Hreha. A certification exam is included, which objectively measures learning. There is an additional free video at the end regarding what the Kessler Foundation Prism Adaptation Treatment (KF-PAT) is and provides information on the Kessler Foundation’s prism kit.

For current information on our work and contact information, please visit:

To purchase the web-based video tutorial or see the free videos, please visit:

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