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Now Available from Kessler Foundation - Materials for Assessing and Treating Spatial Neglect after Stroke

 Developed and distributed by Kessler stroke rehabilitation experts

West Orange, NJ. May 19, 2014. Kessler stroke researchers have developed a manual for the Kessler Foundation Neglect Assessment Process (KF-NAPTM), as well as a manual and devices for the Kessler Foundation Prism Adaptation Treatment (KF-PATTM). These two programs facilitate the diagnosis and treatment for spatial neglect, a common complication of stroke that hinders rehabilitation and recovery.

Kessler Foundation now makes it possible to order the KF-NAP™ 2014 Manual or the KF-PAT™ 2014 Manual/Devices for use in your facility or organization. Learn more about these materials and the Network for Spatial Neglect at

To obtain journal articles related to the assessment or treatment of spatial neglect, provide your information via this link:

About Stroke Rehabilitation Research at Kessler Foundation

Research studies span all domains of post-stroke cognitive dysfunction, but emphasize hidden disabilities after stroke, including hidden disabilities of functional vision (spatial bias and spatial neglect). Students, resident physicians, and post-doctoral trainees are mentored in translational neuroscience of rehabilitation. A.M. Barrett, MD, is director of stroke researwch; Mooyeon Oh-Park is assistant director. Dr. Barrett and her colleagues work closely with the clinical staff at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation.  Among their collaborative efforts are the founding of the Network for Spatial Neglect and development of the Kessler Foundation Neglect Assessment Process (KF-NAPTM). Stroke Research receives funding from the Department of Education/NIDRR; the National Institutes of Health/NICHD/NCMRR; Kessler Foundation; the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey; and the Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Improvement. Scientists have faculty appointments at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.




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