A New Resource to Protect What You Love

At Kessler Foundation, we’re entering spring and looking to the future with a renewed sense of purpose in our mission and gratitude for our generous donors. Together, we secure the future for people with disabilities through life-changing rehabilitation research and innovative disability employment initiatives.

Today, we’re sharing a resource you can use to protect your own future: an online tool to write your legal will, at no personal cost.

We realize estate planning can feel like an overwhelming and sensitive topic. But it’s an important way to protect the people we care about and gain peace of mind for the future. Estate planning is one simple way to plan ahead and empower people you trust with important healthcare and treatment decisions.


Write My Free Will


This free tool is a result of Kessler Foundation's partnership with FreeWill – it has been used by over 480,000 Americans to secure their futures, protect their loved ones, and make a lasting impact on the communities and causes they value.

While creating your plans, you can also make Kessler Foundation’s mission a part of your personal legacy by including a planned gift in your will. We’d be honored to have you at our side as we maximize recovery, independence, and inclusion for people with disabilities. Whether or not you make this gift, know that this resource is completely free to use.

Please let’s continue to change lives together.

P.S. If you’d prefer to finalize your will with an attorney, you can still use FreeWill to create a list of document wishes beforehand. Get started here .