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Locomotor Training Principles and Practice

Kessler Foundation Research Center and Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation provided a three and a half-day course on locomotor training to educate therapists on the principles of activity-based therapy

The first day, all participants attended lectures focused on developing an understanding of the basic science and guiding principles of activity-based therapy, with an emphasis on locomotor training. Clinical team members participated in intensive skill development of locomotor training techniques, including patient evaluation and progression using a body weight support treadmill system, locomotor training, overground assessment and progression, and community ambulation and activity training.

Seven locations offered this comprehensive training, which was taught by noted leaders in the field of locomotor training. The course instructors assigned at Kessler were:

Susan Harkema, PhD, Director NeuroRecovery Network; Department of Neurological Surgery, University of Louisville; Rehabilitation Research Director Frazier Rehabilitation Institute, Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Harkema developed the Locomotor Training Program based on knowledge gained from her research and collaborations during the past 14 years. These are enabling her to translate the latest scientific findings into clinical rehabilitative strategies.

Andrea Behrman, PhD, PT, Assistant Director; NeuroRecovery Network; Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Florida; Research Health Scientist, VA Brain Rehabilitation Research Center, Gainesville, Florida Dr. Behrman, a physical therapist, has specialized in adult neuro-rehabilitation. She is committed to the development of best practice of walking recovery based on principles of activity-dependent plasticity and the intrinsic biology of the nervous system.

Elizabeth Ardolino, PT, MS Clinical Supervisor Locomotor Training Clinic, Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ms. Ardolino leads the NRN Locomotor Training staff at an out-patient rehabilitation clinic dedicated to advancing recovery of function after SCI using activity-based therapies. She is currently completing her PhD studies targeting measurement and recovery of balance.


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