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KESSLER FOUNDATION RESEARCH CENTER Participate on Projects to Develop Modern Outcomes Assessment Instruments

Kessler Research Center partners with Northwestern University with support from NIH and NIDRR

Advances in psychometric research methodology, including computerized adaptive testing and virtual reality, combined with traditional performance-based tools, should lead to the efficient, flexible, and responsive assessment of Cognition (such as learning, memory, executive function, language/verbal abilities, attention, speed of processing, and working memory); Emotion (mood, adaptability, interpersonal relations, self- regulation); Motor Functioning (locomotion, nonvestibular balance, dexterity, strength); and Sensation (vision, hearing, vestibular balance, smell, taste, touch). The NIH Toolbox initiative seeks to assemble brief, comprehensive assessment tools that will be useful to clinicians and researchers in a variety of settings, with an emphasis on measuring outcomes in longitudinal epidemiologic studies and prevention or intervention trials across the lifespan.

Read more in the latest issue of INNOVATIONS (Fall 2007, vol 7, issue 2).