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Katz & DeRose Publish Call to Action

March 7, 2011

The January 2011 issue of the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine features a Call to Action by two Foundation executives: Elaine Katz, VP, and Rodger DeRose, President and CEO. The commentary was prompted by the results of the Harris survey released in July 2010 on the 20th anniverary of the ADA.  The 2010 Survey of Employment of Americans with Disability was sponsored by Kessler Foundation in partnership with the National Organization on Disability.  The survey showed a persistent gap in employment between Americans with and without disabilities. Katz and DeRose call for broader implementation of corporate poliices and programs that support hiring and retention. They also called on employers to use agencies that specialize in placing people with disabilities.  Those agencies were asked to collaborate more closely with business to determine their needs and provide good prospective employees. Studies show that people with disabilities are loyal and productive workers.  Nonprofits, government agencies, and the business community can help by promoting the many benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

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