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Elaine Katz of Kessler Foundation Attends "Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0"

This past spring, TV Guide attended "Lights Camera Access 2.0," a disability and media summit supported by various organizations including Kessler Foundation, EIN SOF Communications, the Loreen Arbus Foundation, PolicyWorks and the National Disability Mentoring Coalition. One in a series of regional summits, the event was designed to facilitate connections between people with disabilities looking to break into the media industry and representatives from media companies who are looking to hire. The day's events included guest speakers, resume reviews and speed-interviewing workshops, and networking opportunities for aspiring media professionals with disabilities.

Elaine E. Katz, Senior Vice President of Grants and Communications at Kessler Foundation, spoke to TV Guide about how people with disabilities are overcoming barriers to working in the media industry.

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Hear from guest speakers and view clips from the event in the video below: