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Dr. Chiaravalloti joins brain injury experts on Rep. Pascrell's 'To the Point'

Dr. Nancy Chiaravalloti joined Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. on his monthly cable broadcast “To the Point,” to discuss the implications of brain injuries in sports, the military and other activities. The panel included Leonard Marshall, a former defensive lineman with the New York Giants who has been diagnosed with signs of CTE  ( and Wendy Berk, Public Education Coordinator at the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey (

Tune in here for a thought-provoking discussion


Dr. Chiaravalloti talks about research at Kessler Foundation, where the focus is on developing effective, reimbursable cognitive treatments that improve function and quality of life after brain injury. Wendy Berk underscores the importance of awareness, concussion screening, and safety measures especially among student athletes. Mr. Marshall provides the perspective of professional football players, the discovery of CTE and the major implications for player safety and funding for brain injury research.  

Dr. Chiaravalloti is director of Neuropsychogyy, Neuroscience, and Traumatic Brain Injury Research at Kessler Foundation, and project director of the federally funded Northern New Jersey TBI Model System. 

Submitted by cmurphy on Thu, 02/04/2016 - 11:37