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DeRose Op-Ed Published by Congressional Daily 'The Hill'

Disability should not be deterrent to job market

July 19, 2012. An op-ed by Rodger DeRose entitled ”Disability should not be deterrent to job market” appeared in The Hill's Congressional Blog on July 18. DeRose illustrates his position with his experiences as an employer and as president and CEO of Kessler Foundation, which focuses its grant funding on expanding employment initiatives for people with disabilities. DeRose references the recent news stories on Jack Osbourne, a celebrity who lost his job after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

July 26 marks the 22nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. DeRose and Elaine Katz, VP, are available for media interviews on disability employment and the work of Kessler Foundation.

About Kessler Foundation

Kessler Foundation is one of the largest public charities in the field of disability. Kessler Foundation Research Center advances care through rehabilitation research in six specialized laboratories under the leadership of noted research directors. Research focuses on improving function and quality of life for persons with injuries of the spinal cord and brain, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and other chronic neurological conditions. Kessler Foundation Program Center fosters new approaches to the persistently high rates of unemployment among people disabled by injury or disease. Targeted grant-making funds promising programs across the nation. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, people recovering from catastrophic injuries and stroke, and young adults striving for independence are among the thousands of people finding jobs and training for careers as a result of the commitment of Kessler Foundation.

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