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Actor and Veteran Say, “Only Abilities Matter”

Soldier and Wyclef Jean talking at the "Only Abilities Matter" conference

Actor Daryl “Chill” Mitchell and Lt. Ian Brown, Retired Air Force Officer, were at Kessler Foundation filming a public service announcement (PSA) campaign. The campaign will feature TV and radio spots that only focus on abilities.  

Paralyzed in a motorcycle accident in 2001, “Chill” worked hard in rehabilitation to learn how to adapt to daily activities. He couldn’t wait to get back to acting. In a wheelchair, however, roles either had to be written for him or directors had to be open to adapting the written role to fit someone in a wheelchair. Instead of just waiting for the next job to come along, “Chill” also became a director and producer.

But he didn’t stop there. Chill also advocates for people with disabilities, spreading the message of staying positive and never giving up.

Lt. Brown experienced a spinal cord injury while in the line of duty but never let that stop him. In the spirit of giving back, he participates in as many research studies as possible, including ones at Kessler Foundation, so that others can benefit from the findings. He never lost his passion for sports and learned off-roading, water skiing, and archery from a wheelchair. Now the Vice President of Lasher Sports, he also designs wheelchairs and sports equipment for people with disabilities so that they can enjoy comfortable and more active lifestyles.

Lt. Brown is a spokesman for Kessler Foundation as well as an Ambassador to the Abilities Expo. He is also a scientific reviewer and hopes to go to medical school.

The PSAs will be airing nationally this fall! Stay tuned to see these amazing men share their message!

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 04/30/2015 - 14:41