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3 Things to Do Now to Give Less to the IRS Next Year

So, you’ve filed your 2020 taxes. Did you know that you can take action now to give less to the IRS and more to change the lives of people with disabilities?

Even better: when your charitable giving is part of your overall financial plan, you can give more, and have a greater impact, without actually giving more.

So, what are the three things to do now to give less to the IRS next year?

1. Donate highly appreciated, publicly traded assets, such as stock, bonds, or mutual funds that you have held for a year or longer. You will avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation and can claim the full value of the assets as a charitable contribution.

2. If you are 70½ or older and must take a required minimum distribution from your retirement account, you can ask the plan administrator to make a distribution directly from your account to Kessler Foundation. While you won't receive a charitable contribution deduction, the distribution won't be added to your taxable income.

3. Consider opening and contributing to a donor-advised fund (DAF) account, which allows you to contribute cash, appreciated assets or investments held for at least a year. A DAF enables you to take one large current-year tax deduction, and potentially avoid paying capital gains tax on appreciated assets. The funds can be invested for potential growth, and then granted to Kessler Foundation over time.

Learn more about ways to give and the impact of your support by contacting Michele Pignatello, Vice President and Chief Development Officer. Your generosity makes a difference. You make a difference.