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3 Ways You Can Build A Legacy

Did you know that there are three ways you can make a big difference today and drive the future of rehabilitation research and employment for people with disabilities?

By including Kessler Foundation in your estate plans today, you can make a lasting impact and build a legacy of helping people with disabilities live to the fullest in the future.

Legacy giving may have important financial advantages for you and your heirs, and often costs nothing during your lifetime.

Here are three ways to build your legacy of helping people with disabilities:

  1. Include a bequest to Kessler Foundation in your will or living trust: Your estate will earn a federal charitable estate tax deduction, and you control your assets for life. Options include a specific amount, a specific property, or a residual percentage of your estate.
  2. Fund a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust: Both options provide you with initial tax savings and a fixed flow of income for life, and then provide support to Kessler Foundation.
  3. Designate Kessler Foundation as a primary or contingent beneficiary: The source can be your life insurance policy, retirement plan, savings account, or brokerage account.

When you include Kessler Foundation in your estate plans, we will recognize you among our legacy donors. Your generosity will return people with disabilities to their homes, their communities, and the workplace.

Please contact Michele Pignatello at 973.324.8363 or [email protected] to learn more about building your legacy.


Build Your Legacy