Crypto Giving Tuesday is Two Weeks Away

2023 has been a year of impact at Kessler Foundation thanks to the support of donors like you. We are determined to continue our impact on #CryptoGivingTuesday, November 28. We'll join this global day of giving with our ability to accept cryptocurrency. We accept not just Bitcoin, but over 60 different types of crypto.

There is also a tax advantage! Donating appreciated cryptocurrency is a great way to partially offset or eliminate your crypto taxes while supporting a cause that you care about. Donating crypto means you may end up paying no capital gains taxes on the appreciated crypto, get a fair market value deduction for what you donate.

It comes down to one thing: Would you rather give to the IRS or Kessler Foundation? Your support means more innovation, more progress, and more independence for people with disabilities.

Why wait? Give crypto today or save the date and give on November 28. Join us in this global movement of awareness and impact.