Joan Banks-Smith

Joan Banks-Smith with black background

Creative Producer



Joan provides portrait and studio photography services for in-house staff and centers. Produces and edit podcasts for company lecture series, interviews, various research and employment series, and conferences that are distributed via social media. She is responsible for producing high definition videos that incorporates disability research and employment initiatives that meet with the company mission. Coordinate participant and employee interviews and set-up of video/photography equipment for on-site and remote location filming. Edit and assemble final audio/video output for company website along with various social media websites, company events, and broadcast television. Ms. Banks-Smith also provides graphic design/multimedia for print, digital, online media, animation, and corporate wide photography. 

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Audition
Producing/filming/editing vIdeos
Producing/editing podcasts
Portrait Photography
BS - Industrial Technology with a specialization in Graphic Design Management, Central Connecticut State University

(2017) Exploring virtual environments for cognitive and physical rehabilitation, Journal of Active Aging , July/August - Photo credits