Jacqueline Leddy

Jacqueline joined Kessler Foundation as a Research Assistant in 2019. Before coming to Kessler, she was a Research Assistant in 3 labs at William Paterson University. In the Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Psychotherapy Lab, she worked on a study looking at the impact of yoga practice for stress reduction in college students. She then started working in the Neuropsychology, Clinical, and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab researching new ways to teach children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She gained most of her experience later in the Cognition and Emotion research lab studying the experience of anxiety across age groups, focusing on fears and anxiety disorders in the elderly population utilizing a neurocognitive approach. Her lab presented their poster showing the results of their tailored measurement of fear for the elderly population at the Eastern Psychological Association conference in 2018. Outside of Kessler she teaches gymnastics classes and private lessons.

BA - Psychology- Minor in Sociology, William Paterson University
Research Interests

Jacqueline’s research interests currently are in emotional processing and how emotional processing deficits differ across different populations of people in adults and children. She hopes to continue administering neuropsychological tests and keep working on administering eye tracking and fMRI tasks in research. In the future she hopes to explore the impact of Psychological Skills Training in competitive gymnastics and the area of sport psychology.