Brittany L. Maronna

Brittany Maronna is a senior research assistant in the Center for Outcomes & Assessment Research at Kessler Foundation.

BA - Psychology, Gettysburg College
Magna Cum Laude, Gettysburg College
Psi Chi National Honor Society, Gettysburg College
Research Interests

Maronna’s collegiate research focused on social psychology concerning issues related to cyberbullying and aggression, with other work about the psychology of the philosophy of humor. A large portion of her work has been conducted through online surveys and from mass governmentally supported data bases. Her recent work contributes to the fields of knowledge regarding the negative effects of rising temperatures on ambient behavior as well as the issues of anonymity online translating to cyberbullying behaviors. After being hired at Kessler Foundation, her work has shifted to a clinical focus concerning the psychosocial well-being and quality of life of disabled peoples that have sustained a spinal cord injury. She is working under the guidance of Doctors Amanda Boticello, PhD, MPH; Denis Fyffe, PhD; and Jeanne Zanca, PhD.

Barlett, C. P., DeWitt, C., Maronna, B., & Johnson, K. (2018). Social media as a tool to facilitate or reduce cyberbullying perpetration: A review focusing on anonymous and non-anonymous social media platforms. Violence and Gender.
Barlett, C. P., DeWitt, C., Madison, C. S., Heath J. B., Maronna, B., & Kirkpatrick, S. M. (2019). Hot temperatures and even hotter tempers: Sociological mediators in the relationship between global climate change and violence over time. Psychology of Violence.