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MusicGlove: Targeted Non-invasive Brain Stimulation for Improving Hand Dexterity in TBI and Stroke

Individuals with TBI or stroke may have muscle weakness which affects their hand dexterity (fine motor control of fingers and arm parts). In this study, investigators aim to study how brain stimulation can help improve hand dexterity in individuals with TBI or stroke. 

Participants will be asked to play a video game while wearing a hand glove on the affected hand. The exercise involves playing songs by making specific finger grips.

Actively Recruiting

Participation lasts approximately 3 months, including a total of 15 visits to Kessler Foundation in West Orange, NJ. 

During the first visit, participants complete questionnaires and enrollment documents (1 hour). During the second visit, participants will undergo an MRI scan, followed by magnetic brain stimulation using TMS, a device that uses a magnetic pulse to stimulate and locate the area of the brain that controls movement of the weak hand and fingers (2 hours). During the third visit, participants complete baseline assessments, questionnaires, and hand function tasks. Participants will also play a music-based video game while EEG is used to record brain signals and TMS stimulation is used to understand how well the brain controls the muscles of your hand (3.5 hours). During visits 4-13, participants complete training sessions (1.5 hours). During visit 14, participants complete post-training assessments similar to those completed in visit 3. During the final visit, participants complete follow-up assessments.

Inclusion Criteria
  • Individuals age 18-75 diagnosed with TBI or stroke more than 6 months prior to enrollment
  • have weakness or lack of motor function in one hand as a result of TBI or stroke
  • medically stable and not planning any major changes in medication for at least 4 months. 

Participants who complete the study will receive up to $500. 

Research Categories
Acquired Brain Injury
Traumatic Brain Injury
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