Celebrating Women at Kessler Foundation

We are proud to say 70% of Kessler Foundation staff are women. As an organization, we embrace efforts to identify and leverage the authentic leadership strengths that women bring to the equation. To celebrate women at Kessler Foundation, we highlight three out of our many deserving employees, each

Victoria Queyquep

Development Assistant

Victoria Queyquep is the Development Assistant for Kessler Foundation. She graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies. She is responsible for providing administrative support to the Development staff in all aspects of their fundraising and donor...

Alison Haight

Donor Engagement Specialist

Alison Haight collaborates with colleagues and external partners to plan and implement an integrated, multimedia approach to donor engagement. She conveys the impact of giving to donors and potential donors through newsletters, social-media posts, web content, appeal letters, and marketing materials...

Michele Pignatello

Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Michele Pignatello is responsible for raising philanthropic funds to advance Kessler Foundation’s rehabilitation research and disability employment initiatives by finding connections and building relationships. She has more than two decades of experience guiding philanthropy in support of charitable...