Brain Injury Support Groups

By Andrea Trotta Gagliano, MS, CRC, LPC, Research Coordinator, Center for Traumatic Brain Injury Research, Kessler Foundation

Whether you are a brain injury survivor or a caregiver, your world has forever been changed. You likely face many challenges, have many concerns, and may be unsure how

Nurse’s Corner: Stay in the Know About H2O

By Daryl Blewett, MSN, RN, CRRN, and Bonnie Tillman, BSN, RN, CRRN

Often, we do not think about water until we feel like we ran a marathon and have an unquenchable thirst. What happens next? We chug a few glasses of water as if it’s the last time we may ever see water again.


Melinda M. Dudley

Center for Traumatic Brain Injury Research

Melinda Dudley is a research assistant working on the national TBI Model Systems project, focusing on enrollment, inpatient recruitment, and medical record abstraction. Melinda comes from a background of community outreach and mental health.

One Tough Cookie—and Generous Donor, Too

In October 2013, as 5th grader Isabella Sementilli went to sit down, a classmate pulled out the chair from under her. In that moment, her life was changed forever. Isabella sustained a brain injury, a fractured tailbone, and back and neck injuries. She lives with the effects of her brain injury to

Denise Oleas

Center for Traumatic Brain Injury Research

I am really interested in the bio-psycho-social model of cognition. I hope to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical neuropsychology to study the health disparities and protective factors against certain disabilities in minority populations. I want to make participation in research more inclusive for...