Impact of Communications and Hearing Impairment

In this episode of Kessler Foundation’s podcast, Pamela Tamulevicius, MSR, CCC-SLP, of Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation presents “Disability Disparities: The Impact of Communication and Hearing Impairments.”


This is part five of an eight part series. Listen to the series as it's

Ready for Rehab?

In this episode of Kessler Foundation's podcast, Gretchen March, OTR, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, presents “Ready for Rehab?” This podcast focuses on using transtheoretical model concepts to optimize outcomes.



This is part two of an eight part series. Listen to the series as it

There’s No Place like Home

In this episode of Kessler Foundation's podcast, Uri Adler, MD, at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, presents “There's No Place like Home.” This podcast will focus on communication, motivation, spatial neglect, sleep issues, bowel and bladder management, and community integration. 




Do You Know A Stroke Survivor?

In honor of World Stroke Day (October 29) we are sharing this video about spatial neglect, and how Robert Vroeginday overcame his neglect thanks to Kessler Foundation's research made possible by our donors.

Every year, more than 650,000 Americans face the challenges of recovering from stroke. As