Survey Questionnaire

Kessler Foundation 2017 nTide logo2017 Kessler Foundation National Employment and Disability Survey: Survey Questionnaire

The Kessler Foundation, NJ | October 2017


Designed by 

The University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH


Prepared by

Kimberly G. Phillips, Ph.D., Project Director, Institute on Disability, UNH

Andrew J. Houtenville, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics and Research Director, Institute on Disability, UNH

John O’Neill, Ph.D., CRC, Director, Employment and Disability Research, Kessler Foundation

Elaine E. Katz, M.S., CCC-SLP, Senior VP of Grants and Communications, Kessler Foundation


A PDF or accessible Word document of the Survey Questionnaire is available for download below.

PDF | Word