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Treating Cognitive Deficits in traumatic Spinal Cord Injury (SCI): A Randomized Clinical Trial

The purpose of this research study is to investigate the effectiveness of a memory retraining program and a processing speed program in a spinal cord injured (SCI) population. Processing speed is the time it takes a person to process new information.


The study will involve 14 visits spread over 5 months. Participants will complete a screening visit, lasting about 1 hour, 3 testing sessions lasting 3-4 hours each, and 10 training sessions lasting about 45 minutes each. If participants have difficulties in both memory and processing speed, participation may be extended an additional 6 weeks adding 10 training sessions and an additional testing sessions.

Inclusion Criteria
  • 18-75 years old.
  • Must have a spinal cord injury with the level of injury between C1-T12.
  • Use a wheelchair as primary means of getting around.
  • Must have an AIS grade of A, B, C or D as determined by study staff examination.
  • Injury occurred at least 1 year ago.
  • Primary language is English.

Up to $425 dependent on participation.

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