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Improving Quality of Life in Epilepsy

This study seeks to see whether a phone-intervention called HOBSCOTCH will improve health, daily functioning and quality of life among patients with refractory epilepsy (chronic epilepsy that cannot be fully controlled by medications). 

HOBSCOTCH stands for "Home-based Self-management and Cognitive Training Changes Lives." This study will help researchers better characterize the self-management methods that can improve quality of life and cognitive performance in participants with long-standing epilepsy.

Participation involves completing questionnaires and memory testing before and after the phone intervention. You will be asked to complete weekly phone sessions designed to help you learn and build awareness of your memory and problem-solving difficulties.

This study is completely remote and does not require in-person visits. 


Participation lasts approximately 4 months. 

Inclusion Criteria
  • Individuals with a diagnosis of refractory epilepsy
  • 18 years or older
  • Have a reliable telephone connection and private place to talk during the hour long phone calls that are the core part of the study
  • Do not have any treatment or intervention change planned in the next 6 months
  • On an anti-epileptic regimen that has not changed in the past 3 months in terms of medication type. Dosage changes within the past 3 months would not disqualify you.

Participants who complete the study receive $100. 

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