Developing a Functional MRI Protocol for the Assessment of Inpatients with Traumatic Brain Injury

The purpose of this research study is to investigate what happens in the brain, after a brain injury. By understanding the damage and how the brain changes over a period of time, the investigators are hoping to predict how persons who have had a brain injury will recover.

I will need to make 2 visits to Kessler Foundation in West Orange, NJ. The first visit will be on day one of the study and will last two hours. The second visit will on day 3 of the study and will also last for three hours. Both of these visits will occur on the same days as my visits to the War Related Illness and Injury Center (WRIISC) at the East Orange VANJHCS. All study visits must be complete within three weeks.

Inclusion Criteria

In order to participate in this study I must meet the following requirements:

I am a Gulf War Veteran who was deployed from 1990-1991 in support of Operation Desert Shield and/or Desert Storm, OR I was not deployed but was serving in the military during this time.

I am currently enrolled in the East Orange VANJHCS study titled, "Post Exertion Malaise in Gulf War Illness: Autonomic and Behavioral Interactions"


Payment for my participation has already been explained to me in the VANJHCS consent form.

Research Categories
Traumatic Brain Injury
Actively Recruiting