Augmented-reality (AR) Treadmill Training to Improve Gait Symmetry and Dynamic Balance Post Stroke

Gait impairment is one of the most significant factors that limit stroke survivors to achieve functional independence.  Although many of patients regain the ability to walk following a stroke, their gait is often accompanied by compensatory, irregular, and inefficient movement patterns. Hemiparetic gait is characterized by impaired motor control on the paretic side which results in alterations in temporospatial parameters such as step length, stance time, and decreased range of motion at ankle, knee and hip joints.

The study will take approximately 6 weeks to complete. If participants are in the stroke group, they will be asked to attend 17 visits, each lasting 60-90 minutes. If participants are a healthy control, they will be asked to attend 3 visits

Inclusion Criteria
  • 18-65 years of age
  • Have had a stroke at least 6 months ago
  • Have weakness on one side of the body
  • Be able to stand and walk without an assistive device or ankle brace
  • Be able to walk 10 meters (yards) without an assistive device 
  • Be able to follow directions
  • Be willing and able to give informed consent
  • Have no plans to make a major changes to medications over the next 6 weeks 

Participants will not receive payment for participating in this study

Research Categories
Healthy Volunteers
Actively Recruiting