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Spatial neglect is a common complication of stroke that often escapes detection. But there is treatment.



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Guide to Spatial Neglect for People Affected by Stroke

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For Stroke Survivors

Stroke survivors with spatial neglect have a higher risk of falls, stay hospitalized longer, and have poorer rehabilitation outcomes than stroke survivors without spatial neglect.

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For Family Caregivers

Assisting a family member who is a stroke survivor is a complicated task. The caregiver is a key member of the team. Arm yourself with as much information as possible. Know that you are not alone. The explanations, tips, and resources below will get you started.

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For Professionals

Spatial neglect is a disorder resulting from a brain injury and frequently occurs after a stroke. According to Kessler Foundation’s research, more than 50% of stroke survivors admitted to rehabilitation hospitals are affected by spatial neglect and in need of effective treatment.

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