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Foundations Biomechanics Research Featured in Lower Extremity Review

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2011-03-16 15:59:18 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Karen Nolan, PhD, research scientist, recognized for her expertise in the biomechanics of gait.

Dr. Nolan was quoted in three articles in Lower Extremity Review, which provides practical articles to practitioners in the fields of podiatry, rehabilitation, physical therapy, orthotics and prosthetics, and orthopedics.  In December 2010, she provided insight into her study of plantar pressure measurement devices, an area of active investigation.  Standardization in research studies is essential to implementation in the clinic, Nolan explained, in Standardized System for PMDs Wins Nod. Also in December, Nolan was quoted in Gait Speed in AFOs: Results May Vary,regarding her interest in the impact of ankle-foot orthoses on gait. Improvement in speed may not mean an improvement in biomechanics, remarked Nolan. Individualized treatment is paramount. Similarly, a more normal gait does not always mean improved function, as Nolan remarked in January's article, AFO Users Must Rethink Concept of Normal Gait.


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