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Dyson-Hudson Awarded Fellowship by ASIA

Photo of Dr. Trevor Dyson-Hudson

Trevor Dyson-Hudson, MD, director of Kessler Foundation’s Center for Spinal Cord Injury Research and Center for Outcomes and Assessment Research was honored with the title Fellowship in the American Spinal Injury Association at its 2019 meeting, during the SCI Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dyson-Hudson was recognized for his prominent contributions and distinguished accomplishments within the fields of spinal cord injury research, clinical practice, education and advocacy, and for a longstanding active membership of service to the society.

“I am indeed humbled by this award and to be included in a class that consists of so many leaders in the field of spinal cord injury care,” says Dyson-Hudson. “I certainly don’t feel worthy of this honor.”

Dyson-Hudson’s research interests include preservation and restoration of function and mobility in persons with SCI and the prevention and treatment of common secondary medical complications affecting this population. Dyson-Hudson holds committee appointments in the American Spinal Injury Association, the American Paraplegia Society/Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals and is on the American Paraplegia Society Board of Directors. Learn more about Dyson-Hudson’s work.


Listen to Dyson-Hudson's podcast here: 

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