Data Analyst

Location: West Orange, New Jersey  

Working in Kessler Foundation’s Rocco Ortenzio Neuroimaging Center (Rocco Ortenzio Neuroimaging Center | Kessler Foundation), the position’s primary focus will be on analyzing functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data as part of a multidisciplinary team of researchers, and writing programs and/or scripts to aid in data analysis and maintenance.


Responsibilities include
  • Conduct image analysis and image processing, including functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), and quantitative analysis of MR imaging.
  • Recommend efficient algorithms; write code for specific applications; and automate research image-analysis tasks.
  • Evaluate, recommend, and implement new image-processing tools.
  • Create and maintain a library of programs with appropriate documentation.
  • Perform image-quality inspections; serve as a consultant in upgrade planning, purchasing, and installation of imaging-related equipment.
  • Assist scientists in the writing of grant and other research funding applications, scientific papers, progress reports, etc.
  • Provide and/or supervise training for staff members for data processing on all imaging-related research projects.
  • Assist in carrying out statistical modeling of neuroimaging data.
  • Collaborate with IT staff members to ensure the new analyzing tools are developed properly and the most up-to-date software is installed.
  • Maintain and oversee shared informational resources (e.g., internal library of imaging-related audiovisual media).
  • Develop proficiency in performing neuroimaging data acquisition, and assist in accessory data acquisitions (e.g., ePrime, Biopac, etc.).
  • Master’s degree in computer science, biomedical engineering, or statistics with specialization in brain MR analysis, or the equivalent.
  • Two to five years of experience in biomedical image analysis.
  • Extensive knowledge of structural and functional MRI analysis.
  • Proficiency in Linux operating system.
  • Experience with Windows/Macintosh.
  • Strong programming skills with experience in at least one programing language (e.g., MATLAB, R, Python).
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team.
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines.
  • Familiarity with brain anatomy.
  • Knowledge of data contents of different image media.
  • Shell programming and scripting.
  • Knowledge of image analysis suites such as FSL, AFNI, SPM.
  • Knowledge of online neuroimaging databases and resources.
Preferred qualifications
  • Experience working in a high-demand research environment.
  • Knowledge of MATLAB.
  • Doctoral degree in a related field.
To apply

Forward your résumé (MS Word or PDF), salary requirements, and cover letter to [email protected]. Please indicate the position(s) for which you are applying in the subject line.