Darian A. Raizberg

Research Assistant

Neuromotivation and Network Integrity Laboratory

Darian is a neophyte to clinical research. His original research training comes from rodent models of neurodevelopmental disorders, first with Autism Spectrum Disorder and then with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. In 2021, he pursued a new line research systematically investigating feedback seeking behaviors in human populations. Currently, Darian serves as a Lab Manager at Rutgers University for Dr. Elizabeth Tricomi and as a Research Assistant at Kessler Foundation for Dr. Ekaterina Dobryakova. An ongoing collaboration between these two groups is Darian's main focus of research as they seek to uncover the role of feedback valuation in Multiple Sclerosis.

Neuropsychological - WASI-II, BVMT-R, SDMT, CVLT-II
Biochemical - PCR, Stereotaxic Surgery, Transcardiac Perfusions, High pressured Liquid Chromatography
Analytical - R/R-Studio, MATLAB, SPSS, JASP, JAMOVI, Psychopath
Languages - Fluent in English + Russian, Intermediate in American Sign Language
BAS - Psychology (Honors) & Cognitive Neuroscience (Honors), Rutgers University
Research Interests

My research interests intersect at the junction of feedback seeking behaviors(FSB), learning, motivation, and neural plasticity. The questions I seek to determine are which neural networks accompany FSB and why are these networks harder to engage in some individuals? Additionally, how does cognitive fatigue present a barrier to FSB and what specific steps can we take to mitigate the effect of fatigue to improve FSB and in turn, patient treatment compliance.


Value of Feedback on Cognitive Performance in Multiple Sclerosis