Katie Lancaster, PhD

Headshot of Katie Lancaster on a black background

Hearst Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Social Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory

Dr. Lancaster is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Social Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory. She received her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Virginia in 2018. Dr. Lancaster studies social neuroscience with an emphasis on understanding how people regulate their own emotions and perceive the emotions of others; she is exploring the neural mechanisms of deficits in these processes in TBI and MS populations. She is also interested in the provision and receipt of social support and how it interacts with well-being, broadly defined.

Emotional processes
Experimental psychology
Functional neuroimaging
Imaging epigenetics

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DNA methylation of OXTR is associated with parasympathetic nervous system activity and amygdala morphology
K Lancaster, L Goldbeck, MH Puglia, JP Morris, JJ Connelly
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Combining explicit and implicit measures of racial discrimination in health research
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European Journal of Social Psychology 40 (1), 17-25    58    2010