Anthony Juliano, PsyD

Anthony Juliano with a white background

Children's Specialized Hospital Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
Center for Neuropsychology and Neuroscience Research
Cognitive and Affective Neuropsychology Laboratory
Functional MRI (fMRI) Analysis
MRI Task Design and Construction
Pediatric Neuropsychological Assessment
Pediatric Psychological Assessment
PsyD - Clinical Psychology: Emphasis in Neuropsychology, Adler University
MA - Clinical Psychology, Argosy University: Twin Cities
BA - Psychology, University of Minnesota: Twin Cities
Research Interests

Dr. Anthony Juliano’s current research interests are in emotional processing, and reward circuitry in pediatric neurologic (i.e. autism) and PM&R (i.e. traumatic brain injury) populations. His previous neuroimaging and neuropsychological research has focused on performance validity of neuropsychological measures, orexigenic circuits in bariatric populations, and executive, emotional processing, and reward circuitry in pediatric and adult clinical populations. 

Collaborating Studies

Multimodal connectivity of Large Scale Neural Networks (LSNNs) and their impact on symptom expression and heterogeneity in pediatric Autism Spectrum Disorder (Co-Principal Investigator)  • Effects of a Mindfulness program in children with Special Needs and their educators (Co-Investigator)