Problem-Solving Training for Care Partners of Adults with TBI

The purpose of this project is to determine whether providing problem-solving training can reduce caregiver burden and improve coping skills and mood in care partners of adults with TBI who have been admitted into the hospital. Participants will complete questionnaires about coping skills and

Embracing Fatherhood After TBI


Happy Father's Day! In celebration, I share a story to demonstrate how your support makes all the difference for fathers, like Pete Welch, who live with disabilities. You advance groundbreaking rehabilitation research to help Pete and others with disabilities live fuller, more engaged lives

A Story for Mother’s Day

Luciana McGuire with her daughter, Ariana, who sustained a TBI when she was seven years old.Happy Mother's Day! At Kessler Foundation, we recognize how important moms can be for people with disabilities—and how important our donors are for advancing life-changing rehabilitation research. Today, I share a story to demonstrate how a mother’s love, optimism, and support make all the