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Neuropsychology & Neuroscience - Research Studies

According to the National Institutes of Heatlh, a clinical trial (also clinical research) is a research study of human volunteers to answer specific health questions. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to find treatments that work in people and ways to improve health. Interventional trials determine whether experimental treatments or new ways of using known therapies are safe and effective under controlled environments. Observational trials address health issues in large groups of people or populations in natural settings.

Read more from the National Institutes of Health.

The primary regulations that govern the conduct of clinical studies are included in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 (21 CFR). Investigators at Kessler Foundation Research Center/KIR follow good Clinical Practices (GCP), which refer to the FDA regulations and requirements that must be complied with while conducting a clinical study

See below for ongoing Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) studies.

Trial Name
Mejorando el aprendizaje en personas de habla española con Lesión Cerebral Traumática o Esclerosis Múltiple invitando a participantes
Unemployment in multiple sclerosis (MS): The role of personality, coping, and health-related behaviorsrecruiting
Development of a Motivational Intervention to Improve Treatment Adherence in MSrecruiting
Resting State Functional Connectivity as a Predictor of Memory Decline in Multiple Sclerosisrecruiting
Improving New Learning In Traumatic Brain Injury: A Randomized Clinical Trialrecruiting
Aging in Traumatic Brain Injury: A Study of Cerebral and Cognitive Profilesrecruiting
An Investigation of the Relationship among Apathy, Depression and Executive Function in Individuals with TBIrecruiting
Examination of Cognitive Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis and Traumatic Brain Injury Using fMRIrecruiting
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Intellectual Enrichment to Build Cognitive Reserve in Multiple Sclerosisrecruiting
Stylistic Memory Enhancementrecruiting
Seasons of MSrecruiting
Cognitive Reserve in Traumatic Brain Injuryrecruiting
Modafinil for Improving New Learning and Memory in Multiple Sclerosis recruitment complete
Working Memory in MS: Using fMRI to Identify the Deficit recruitment complete
Improving Learning in MS: A Randomized Clinical Trial recruitment complete
Human Associative Learning recruitment complete
Improving Self-Awareness and Functional Independence for Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury: Investigation of the Efficacy of a New Therapeutic Technique recruitment complete
Using fMRI to Identify Encoding Deficits in TBI and MS recruitment complete
Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Mild TBIrecruitment complete
Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Assessing Cognition in TBI & MS (Sensory - Motor)recruitment complete